shouting nonsense into the void

ok super grainy but whatever

this weekend was the CFA Great Lakes Regional Banquet hooray!!! which meant I got to go pick up Bowie’s awards it was fantastic

top photo is me post-drive home from Canton, OH with a dirty Bowie and his rosette & plaque for 25th Best Cat in Premiership in GLR- he has a silver photo frame for Best Himalayan in Premiership in GLR but I have no photo for it so it’s not in the photo lol.

bottom photo is me (right, lol) all fancied up for the banquet with Bowie’s breeder (left…obvs), i promise u we are not related everyone just thinks we are it is a problem because it is our cats that are related not us

anyway this has been a post

(isn’t that rosette SWEET though???? haha)

oh also when i got called up to go accept my award they called out bowie’s name (duh, it is his award) and people were tittering so i guess at least a few people appreciated his brilliant showname hooray

btw that is SMGP GP RW Peppurrz Bowie in Space CNW

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